Why Did I Laugh So Hard Baby?

I Never Meant To Hurt You.

26 February
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She Don't Mean No Harm...

Stuff about me:

My best friends are Jodi, Jessica, Sam, Cherilyn, and Amanda. Without them I don't think i'd be here now. I hope i know them forever. Jessica likes to call me Laughing Machine, Black Booty, and Maweanne. She also likes to pat me on my head like a cat and call me a little boy. She calls me a freak and a weirdo everyday becuase of my ADD and my hyperness and her and my mom even had a talk about when im older how im going to need counseling for it. Ha well i dont care. I met Cherilyn in my science class Freshman year when we were doing some weird snake project and i think i said something like "WTF is this about I wasnt paying attention." I remember my first words to Jessica were "I had a drug test." I met Amanda through church and we do make up dances when we hang out. When me and Jessica hang out she usually plays with my doll house and we try to do flips and we screw up horribly.

Oh other things about me...

I love music. I love concerts. Ha meeting bands is awesome too. Especially when you can relate to them and stuff. I play guitar and do vocals. I'm also into web design. I'm also known for being random and being a good friend.

I sound like a loser through out this whole segment but it's ok.

Age: 17
Favorite Shows: MST3K, Invader Zim...
Favorite Band : Coheed and Cambria
Favorite Movies : Boondock Saints and Donnie Darko

You'll find out in time you aren't who you thought you were.